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Lifeliqe HoloLens
Ever witnessed a tsunami wave or a live
volcano right in the middle of your

Extend the core curriculum app with
the HoloLens app
and bring your science
lessons into the future of education.
Our HoloLens app will bring your science
lessons into the future of education.
Light up the classroom with holograms
Holographic 3D models allow students to examine science concepts as if they were present in the classroom. 

With 40 interactive 3D models and 20 lesson plans, the mixed reality app offers a great extension to the Lifeliqe app with the curricula.
Experience the future of education at no cost
Mixed reality in education has a huge potential thanks to the great displaying ability and limitless cooperation possibilities with others.

Get Lifeliqe HoloLens and teach K-12 science with the latest technology.

It's completely free!
Download now
Combine Lifeliqe HoloLens 
with core app available for standard 
devices (AR included) or HTC Vive 
for Virtual Reality experience.
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